Fresh out of university with a bachelors in computer animation, I was a little unsure what to do next. They forget to tell you at the start of university that there is no perfect job that will be waiting for you when you finish, realistically, there is actually an array of different professions you can find yourself in and computer animation is one of these things where you may expect a job as an animator but will more likely be something else entirely. As you can imagine, the stress of working out what job fits you best is quite time consuming so if you’re like me, you procrastinate. For bookworms like us, that normally means picking up a book. So, for the first time in 4 years I found myself getting pulled back into the world of YA literature. My obsession reached ‘must have all the merch’ levels and I was quite sad to see that there were some amazing candle companies overseas, but not many in the UK. So began a small hobby, something to pass the time before I found a job for myself.

The weeks began to pass and before I knew it Meraki was a proper business with orders flying out the door. I’ll never stop being grateful at how welcoming the book community was to my candles, starting something which has absolutely no relation to your previous career path is, to put it lightly, scary. Fortunately my previous fears have vanished and I now know for certain that this is what I do best and there’s no job I’d prefer to do more.

Meraki is a bookish candle supplier and also the home of the Meraki box and Anime Quarterly, two subscription services. Our aim is to bring you all unique and creative candles that transport you in to your favourite books.